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If you prefer a button closure for your Caroline Dress or Amelia Shirt, follow these simple instructions to modify the pattern.  A snap also works great, however you will need a snap tool.

1)  The method for making the tie with button closure is essentially the same as the longer tie in the Caroline Dress Pattern.  If you do not have the child present to determine the correct measurement of the finished tie with button closure, a good rule of thumb is to cut your tie piece to about 20" long for size 0 months - 2T; 21" long for sizes 3T - 5T; and 22" long for sizes 6, 7, and 8.  (For the Amelia Shirt - use 28"/29"/30" long for sizes XXS, XS/S,M/L,XL).  If you choose to make it longer or shorter, remember that you will lose 1/2" of the overall length due to the seams when sewing.  This measurement is not on the fold.  Therefore, if making size 3T your tie piece should be a rectangle 2.5" x 21".  Continue with your tie instructions in Step 14 of the Caroline Dress Pattern.

2)  Choose a button that is slightly smaller than the width of the strap.  I made my fabric covered button with a 1/2" Dritz Cover Button Kit (really easy and looks adorable).  Stitch the button to the outward facing side of the back strap so that the edge of the button is approximately 1/2" from the end of the strap.

3)  With your sewing machine, make a button hole long enough to accommodate your button in the front strap beginning approximately 1/2" from the end of the strap.  Your button hole should run down the middle of the strap - parallel with the long sides - NOT parallel to the end of the strap.  The button hole will pull funny and you will run too close the the edges of the strap if you do this.  See the photo above to be sure your button hole is running the right way.  Also, be sure the button hole is centered on your strap.

4)  As described in Step 15 of the Caroline Dress Pattern, insert the tie by attaching a safety pin to the button hole end and thread it through your tie casings until the button and button hole meet up.  Gather the dress neatly along the tie.  You are done!  Great job.

Remember!  Keep little ones safe and stitch buttons very securely.  You may wish to use a bit of Velcro as an alternative for 3 and under.